Rhythm of Beauty


Scorpio New Moon -November 7th 2018

‘ It is impossible to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.’

Cheryl Strayed.

I begin this new moon guidance with the above quote, for Scorpio energy always ushers in dynamic change, and when we look back over the year, what a year of clearing it has been.Destruction has played out in many people’s lives, and I have heard people say this has been one of the hardest years they have been through. With all challenges we are faced with , it’s always good to be mindful and look at the teachings each challenge has brought in, usually there is a gift to be unraveled, such as gaining greater discernment, to release fear and align more to love, or to just live in the present as much as we possibly can.

This new moon is all about rebirth and allowing the new to unfold with grace and ease, so much has been going on behind the scenes with the Venus retrograde through Scorpio and now through Libra.Have you felt this ? A need to re-value your relationships, including the relationship with self?This retrograde areas of value and worth have been a key theme. If there has been an imbalance in relationships with all taking and no giving, this has been revealed and relationships have needed to come back in to balance, be reset or even come to breaking point.

Some people say if a relationship doesn’t make it through a Scorpio Venus Retrograde then it wasn’t meant to last.

Allow the alchemical vibe of Scorpio to bring regeneration and renewal into all areas of your life, where there is destruction there is always rebirth. This is an emotive and deeply intuitive new moon.It would be valuable to take a moment out of your day preferably when you wake up in the morning to look within to your emotions and see where the inspirations lie, what do these inspirations stir in you ? Can you allow them to be set free and listen to their guidance and take mastership of your brand new cycle at this potent new moon.

New Moon Well-being ….

Scorpio days are damp and the air is moist. Colour therapy can have a positive effect .Inject some red clothes into your new moon day to bring in warmth and red is the colour that corresponds with the root chakra/sexual organs that are governed by Scorpio. Due to the damp climate ensure your feet and pelvic area are warm and cosy to avoid inflammation of the bladder and weaken the kidney chi which could affect the water element/meridians that are in power in the winter months.

Womens womb health, menstruation issues and menopause can be greatly influenced when the moon is in Scorpio, for Scorpio rules the sexual organs, and is associated fertility, impotence and the urinary system.

New Moon Nourishment

Maca root is a fabulous hormonal tonic to balance the endocrine system and enhance libido naturally.

Tea ritual

A wellbeing tea for women to help with PMS and pre and post menopausal symptoms, such as irritability,breast tenderness,poor memory, insomnia, headaches, mood swings and weight gain:

1.5 TBS of Chasteberry

1 TBS of liquorice root

1/2 cinnamon stick

2 Tsps of dandelion root

and you can add fresh parsley for purification and to reduce the bloat.

simmer all herbs for about 15 mins in 2 cups of filtered or spring water-add parsley at the end if you are using it and simmer for 1-2 mins , allow to settle and then drain through a tea diffuser into your favorite cup enjoy 2-2 times daily. Its fine to leave on stove and just reheat as desired.

New Moon ‘renewal’ Bath Ritual

Organic salts

Rhythm of Beauty Autumnal Cleansing oil

Rosemary herb-Remembrance & Clarity

Poppy Flower essence -Rebirth and Renewal

mix and infuse to enjoy a relaxing water ritual.

Affirmation : ‘ I surrender the old, and look to my new way of being’.

Louise Allen