Rhythm of Beauty


Gemini New Moon- Air Element -Fresh New Start......

Gemini new moon ushers in a fresh new beginning with the focus on how we express ourselves in the world. The energy is lively but fleeting . The force of Gemini really supports us to get those ‘words out’ that for some reason or another may have been suppressed. Gemini connects through the mind, rather than feelings and emotions, so be mindful of your thoughts.

At this new moon sparks of inspiration and new ideas are well supported to be followed through.Gathering knowledge , and networking is prime too . Stay curious but don’t let the monkey mind take over which can scatter our thoughts and lead to mental burn out. There are brand new opportunities ready for the taking- Don’t miss them!!

Pay attention to how you communicate over this new cycle.You may discover a new way of self -expression, and observe how others communicate, if this triggers something in you, this is usually a mirror to what we don’t like in ourselves, or even what we surppress in ourselves.

It’s a time to be social and open to brand new experiences as we commence this brand new cycle approaching the Summer Solstice which brings us to the next balance point of the year, deep in the yang energies, of transformation, expansion and celebration -marking the start of the journey back to the Yin cycle of Winter. So really be mindful to review where you are at, what you have achieved so far this year,are you on track ? And the energy of Summer always asks us Are we aligned to our Passions,?Are we living the life we desire ? So see this new moon as a launch pad to get on track, use this dynamic, curious and social energy to reconnect to life’s passions and heartfelt desires and live aligned to Joy.

On a physical level Gemini rules she shoulders,arms,hands and upper lungs- Gemini as "the twins," demonstrates the duality of these body parts, two of each, split right down the middle. Anything you can do over this new moon to open up your shoulders, and release tension with have a beneficial affect, enjoy some shoulder opening yoga like cobra pose or childs pose, invest in an aromatherapy massage ,or enjoy a relaxing bath with black pepper essential oil and magnesium to purify any stiffness or tension in the shoulders and arms, with deep methodical breaths as the lungs are also influenced at this time.

New Moon is naturally a time for purification, and with the Summer Solstice approaching the energy in the body is also rising. Summer is usually hot and we should be more active.Therefore we need to nourish our body in a cooling and lighter way.Nature puts out what our bodies need each season,so isn’t it fortunate that we have lots of fruits and vegetables to enjoy now that are in season. Increasing your raw foods will support the body to alkaline, thus avoid disease and help you feel lighter, aid in weight loss and keep energy strong.


New Moon Bath salts Ritual

  • Pink Organic Himalayan Salts
  • Organic Black Pepper Oil
  • Magnesium Oil
  • MSM Powder
  • Rhythm of beauty Summer Flower Essence
  • Speedwell and Rosemary Blossoms.


Louise Allen