Rhythm of Beauty


Capricorn Full Moon-Earth Element

Capricorn moon/Cancer Sun


This full moon in practical and grounding Capricorn brings completion to the cycle from the new moon in Gemini. Lots has been expressed,shifted and released over this cycle and it has felt super charged, and relentless this month. However it's now time to slow down and find your footing. Capricorn energy brings in clarity and helps us feel connected and grounded to the issues at hand without getting too emotionally involved. The symbol of the goat for Capricorn ensures a persistent energy, which can support one to get the job done in a practical determined way, perfect for tying up loose ends and keeping to the task at hand is well supported now.

The sun is in Cancer and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn both are associated with Mother.

Mother issues can be brought into the spot light now,or more to the point 'How do we Mother ourselves' ? Capricorn energy can appear aloof and cold, and detached from the heart. However this can be brought into balance with the sun in Maternal  Cancer, which brings deep sensitivity and an opening to these emotions  to reclaim the parts of us that feel un-mothered and abandoned and have the maturity (Saturn) to take responsibility and tend to any mother wounds at this time.

Physical Wellness 

The force of the Capricorn moon influences the skeletal system notably   the knees which are viewed as the 'gateway to the world'. Our skin is also ruled by Capricorn energy. So anything you can do over the 2-3 days with the moon in Capricorn to benefit the knees, bones and skin will have  an empowered effect on them.Just as anything too strenuous will be felt in the knees and bones more on these days..

Treating the knees with a magnesium oil and essential oils or poultice, giving yourself a facial massage or face polish or nourishing masque ritual  will reap benefits , as would some gentle stretching or yoga and walking around and avoiding long sitting at the desk to release  the spinal column and improve posture.



Rhythm of Beauty Skin-Soul Indulgence......

Rhythm of Beauty Skin-Soul Indulgence......

Capricorn ' Back to Earth' Moon Bath Ritual

Organic Moon bath salts 

Organic green clay

Wildharvested summer petals and herbs

Essential oils of organic Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Vetiver, Cistus, Bergamot, Cassia, German Chamomile, 

Affirmation ' I feel completion at this full moon'.