Rhythm of Beauty


Pisces Full Moon -August 25th 2018

Sun in Virgo -Earth / Moon in Pisces-Water

A full moon in the most expansive water sign of Pisces, can bring raw emotions to the surface that may have been brewing  from the fire energy of the new moon in Leo. With Mercury the planet of communication now going direct we can be supported in the way we relate. Pisces energy can support us to compassionately express our deepest concerns and create a loving and healing vibe.

However Pisces energy can have the habit of seeping into everything ,confusing others feelings for their own, so be mindful to have boundaries in place and keep yourself grounded if you feel your emotions are running riot to avoid your energy getting scattered and losing your head.

Pisces marks the end of the moon's cycle through the zodiac .So look where this full moon brings in completion and prepare yourself for a brand new cycle. Pisces is a mystical sign that is naturally intuitive and healing. At this time pay attention to your intuition,dreams and insights.for they are the new signposts that you are to follow.

Pisces energy is about serving others, and collaboration.Use this time to explore how you can help the collective in your personal life or through your business, Or you may discover it's time to upgrade your own compassion towards yourself, where have you been unkind to yourself, and put others above your own  needs,or you may be shown a certain cycle of attitudes and beliefs that are not serving you anymore, and which needs to be released. All in all Pisces is about 'feeling' your emotions and with this comes deep truths and healing, and with the Sun in earthly Virgo, this 'feeling' can be contained and grounded to nourish and serve you well at this cathartic full moon.

Physical Wellbeing

When the moon is in Pisces, our feet our symbolised and anything we can do to benefit our feet has a beneficial impact so enjoy a relaxing foot spa with mineral salts, magnesium oil, lavender and your preferred essential oils. Tend to  your feet with gentle exercises as we age our hectic living can take its toll on  neglected  feet and lead to various  issues.  Be mindful not to ignore your feet, go bare foot as often as possible and walk on the earth to absorb the positive energies that your feet will love.A simple exercise  for feet that  I was taught in Pilates  is to try to lift each toe one by on off  the ground as this strengthens and lengthens  the little joints in the toes and helps you to connect with your feet in a gentle mindful state. Alternatively reflexology or foot massage would be most beneficial, and remember to use as natural and organic products as you can, as what we absorb through our feet benefits the whole of the body.

Louise Allen