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Taurus New Moon -May 2018

Ground and Reconnect at this New Moon in Earthly Taurus........

Ground and Reconnect at this New Moon in Earthly Taurus........

A new moon in Taurus, brings us a practical earthly nature, to manifest what we desire over the this next new cycle.This may feel like a good time to get all your affairs in order, to work with structure and form, to tend to your creations in a down to earth way.

We have  arrived at the summit of Spring -everywhere we look, feel, hear and touch is beauty gifted from nature.  The Taurus energy rules our senses – align to these senses and allow the rhythm of Spring to support you through your work, life and play.


This venusian energy is highly linked to all beauty and aesthetics of life, body wisdom and earth energy.Use this time to tap into the very foundation of all the things in life that connect you to beauty, nature, honouring the cycles of life- Ensure you make time to just connect and feel the Gratitude of all the beauty that enriches your life everyday,the blueness of the sky, the lush meadows, the flowers,all the elements,animals and the beauty of each season, which graces you with the gift of honouring each cycle, so we to can embrace this cycle within, and learn to embody wholeness.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the divine feminine, aspect of the earth element,which brings a grounding connection to our physical world, and all that we desire.
What needs ‘tending’ now in your life, relationships, personal space, health and fitness, money and finances.
Take a look and feel into where your attention is taken over this period, and align to this, for this will be the best indication of where your energy needs to reside for the next cycle.

All that we value should come into play at this New Moon.

Over this period tend to your inner queen, and dedicate some space to pure luxury in your life, or even investigate what is luxurious to your unique self, is it gardening in peace, connecting with the earth element, reading a book in your favourite spot, bathing rituals with candles and a glass of your favourite tipple, or simply time alone.

Purification Moon bath Ritual

Venus Moon Bath Ritual

Himalayan Organic Rock Salts

Borage Petals – communication -find your truth

Mint Leaves- To refresh & Cleanse

Essential oil of Patchouli, Jasmine and Chamomile.

Rhythm of Beauty White Tulip Flower Essence- Divine sensuality & Unique Sacred beauty

Mantra : ” I work with the beauty of the earth and it's cycles as the ultimate guide "

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