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Gemini Full Moon-Release the AIR element ....

This Full moon rises in the zodiac of Gemini which is the element of air. This full moon supports our self-expression, truth and opens up ways to communicate, and air our passions.

The sun has now moved into sagittarius which is the element of fire, so with the moon in air and the sun in fire our sub conscious thoughts can become more dynamic and we have the opportunity to clear blockages that have been blocked and stuck. Use the lightness and speed of air to act quickly and express yourself freely with the power of fire to transmute any negativity that has been lingering for too long. On a personal level im clearing out the house, recycling , donating to charity and having a good clean down.The house represents our life, so invest in this space , feel into where there needs change and tend to what needs releasing in your life, this will create space and help you to feel lighter and welcome in the new!!!

Smudge with Sage ..

Full moon in Gemini is the perfect time to smudge any space with the ancient ritual of space clearing , ensure you work into any corners of the house that feel neglected or unloved, where no-one ever sits.This is also a powerful ritual to use if you want to sell your house- it worked for us everytime !!! After any space clearing ensure you shower and cleanse yourself from any energies released.

clear space- free your mind

clear space- free your mind

Tidy House equals Tidy mind.Gemini is air and is associated with the mental realms . When we have taken time to clear the decks and create sacred space , it has a positive effect and creates ‘ space’ this is where inspirations flow and our creativity comes to life. Over this full moon window act quickly on the inspiration that comes in, as air energy is fleeting and free ,it won’t linger for long, so ensure you ground those ideas and have a journal at hand to record any divine aspirations and dreams.

Seasonally in the northern hemisphere we are preparing for the winter , which is ruled by the feminine principle of yin.Nature is letting go, and returning all the leaves to the earth , energy is conserved and withdrawing, and we should be mirroring these ancient natural laws. Rest and Regeneration is paramount for our chi to be conserved and treated like the treasure it is. So we can announce a wonderful spring with dynamic growth and new beginnings.

However in the Southern hemisphere this full moon energy is perfect combined with the spring energy to take dynamic inspired action and create from the inspirations that are rising.

Full Moons in the winter months are stunning to the eye, but for me I dont feel the expansive energy, it reminds me I have reached completion and I need to take stock and allow the light to reveal whats coming out of the shadows to be released and slow down to prevent winter burnout and adrenal fatigue. Its all about building equity now not living on our nerves and empty reserves, this fast energy of the full moon in air is reminding us of that, so take note, listen to your intuitive mind and conserve your inner fire.

I have been creating moon rituals for over 10 years now …and have a wonderful following of women from around the world that ‘create’ form my moonbath rituals and recipes I share, these rituals are currently being gathered and collated into a book.

New Moon Gemini - Release The Mind….and conserve your inner fire goddess

Organic Rock Salts

Mint and Lemon Balm Herbs

Rhythm of Beauty ‘AIR’ Elixir or use Silver Fir or Rosemary essential oil

Sodalite crystal -to aid expression of ideas -even more powerful married with clear quartz

Affirmation : I am free to express my passionate aspirations ….

Louise Allen