Rhythm of Beauty


Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

This weekend we can start to feel the completion of the solar eclipse in Capricorn where the energy was about rolling our sleeves up and getting practical to get the tasks completed with the steady determination of the goat. This weekend brings completion to that whole cycle with the Super Blood Moon Eclipse on Monday rising in Leo.

Leo -Element Fire/Colour Golden Yellow/Planet-Sun:

This last cycle has really been about clearing on so many levels-Now with the super moon in Leo we will be shown just how hard we have worked on all this clearing and how determined we really were?

Lets see what emerges out of the shadows at the eclipse, ready to be brought to completion to commence a brand new cycle.

Leo is the zodiac of courage, leadership and compassion with such a generous heart. This leo energy is heralding in the new year to prepare us to SHINE and Rise up to the challenges and aspirations that maybe presenting themselves to us. Leo is a majestic energy and will give us a boost to realise our true potential and see this in a different light.

Look to where you feel admired and in your glory. Do you feel it’s time to shine in any areas of your life? Where is the light shining on you to emerge from? Align to the courage and take pride in your souls calling . This moon is not about playing it small or making the excuses to avoid the call to step up.This is the time to step up and be seen. If you need support feel into your solar plexus place your hands here and check in with your inner sun and face any fears.

How does this feel? Does it feel strong and bright -glowing with golden light? Or does it feel blocked, dull, tired and anxious? This is your chakra of your inner power, your self worth and your inner fire.

To support this chakra at this moon wear yellow, eat more yellow nutrition and include flower essences like crab apple to build up your confidence, Aspen to banish away any unknown fears and anxieties and Buttercup to restore your inner glow and lift you up.

Leo Crystals toi support full moon wellness

Citrine is the the sunshine stone and bringing in light, positivity and abundance

Carnelian is also beneficial to the natural leadership Leo possesses, its stimulates motivation and courage and attracts joy and good luck .

This chakra is all about feeling strong-internally and externally. So whether it is working out or even just doing Tai Chi, and yoga making your body feel strong will help this chakra tremendously. Also exercise moves digestive fluids which is great for elimination.

Enjoy an immune boosting and cleansing soup to nourish your solar plexus:

Melt the coconut oil and a pinch of himalayan salt and 1/4 tsp of organic tumeric in a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the sliced organic  fennel; and celery  cook and stir until golden brown, about 10 minutes. Stir in the veg stock; simmer until fennel  and celery is tender, about 10-15 more minutes. Ladle into soup bowls, and season with salt and pepper, seaweed flakes and pinch of cayenne pepper

In conclusion this full moon heralds in the new to really align us to the ‘heart’ of the matter.we cut away so much from the solar eclipse, and now this super moon will illuminate areas of renewal in our life emerging,Giving us the strong indications that it is time to move forward with the passion and realization of our dreams .Destiny has brought us to whatever is showing up now, and it’s time to follow the guidance and honour the true potential that this year holds for each and everyone of us.

Supermoon Bath Ritual -I feel renewed and step into my full potential

Organic mineral salts

organic orange -for courage and light-heartedness

organic rose- for love/compassion/anxiety/courage

organic cedarwood- for majestic and noble energy

Rhythm of Beauty Flower Essence Magnolia- Queen energy-majestic, priestess path

Rhythm of Beauty Buttercup flower essence -to lift up the spirit, inner child, confidence and worth

crystal -citrine , carnelian or tigers eye

Louise Allen