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Aquarius New Moon -Feb 4th

Aquarius new moon ushers in with high vibrational manifesto. Aquarius rules the mind. Your ideas, visions and inspirations can appear fleetingly -watch them, hold space for them. Keep a journal to hand to keep these ideas recorded, to be sure not to miss them -for they are all about supporting your purpose.

when you get clear on your mission, life flows and your North star will light the way this is the message from this new moon.

Old ways of being or doing have the potential to just vanish under this moon- if there time is up -let them become distinguished and create the space for fresh new innovations to grow.

We have just passed the gateway of Imbolc -the awakening of Spring is upon us, and there are messages and signs everywhere promising that the new is on its way.This is mirrored in our own bodies and we can prepare to feel the reset button being pressed, Do you feel a need to clear out even more from your life, to create space for the changes that you have been gestating over the winter months then follow this through . It’s not quite time to come out fully from hibernation as our chi still needs to be preserved and nourished in the slow, hygee of winter, but with this new moon its our mind set that will feel the welcomed force of the aquarian energy, allow new ways of thinking to emerge, allow their seeds to plant a healthy mindfulness that will create a brand new way….

This is a powerful time for networking, presentations, and trouble shooting -business collaboratiom

will be well supported with a freer mind that will more likely open to brand new concepts that may present themselves. It’s important to not let your mind run away with you though, if the thoughts and ideas feel like a spark of joy and excitement then align with them, if they bring in anxiety and stress to the mind, then check in with these again and ensure they are in alignment with your authentic self.

At this auspicious new moon its a potent time to think big, launch that dream and re-create all that is emerging from a place of fruition. Aquarius is known as the ‘water-bearer’ and gifts the ability to manifest from our creations , and to contain them without being swayed by others advice and opinions. The water-bearer has the power to then share this wisdom that has it contained for the good of others. This is why Aquarius is associated with humanitarian and lives to help others and create a better way.

I have chosen the owl as the symbolism for this moon news, for a friend asked me some advice about the owls that have been gracing her path on the arrival to the new moon.

Owls are protective and wise. When they come into our life, they are reminding us to hold the higher vision, but also to look within at a deeper level, to navigate the darkness with a clear perception -they can be warning us about something we may have missed on the surface of life and urge us to look deeper.

So allow Owl energy to assist you to look deeper and let your dreams take a higher perspective at this Aquarius new moon, as it’s preparing us to break free and unleash from the old mold, and with the waterbearer carries the symbolism for us to cleanse away any lingering debis for a fresh new start.

So what are we waiting for , with all planets going direct -this is a positive time to prepare and go with the flow from the higher mind to paint a beautiful picture of your becoming, so you can burst into spring aligned with intention and laser focus,as Spring gifts us the natural time for rapid growth, new beginnings and transformation.

If your mind is feeling scrabbled by this fast moving dynamic energy of Aquarius take time for a new moon bath ritual and check out our tonic tea for boosting mind health below.

NEW MOON BATH RITUAL -’ I free my mind and soul’

Organic pink salts

Green clay infused with

Snowdrop Flower Essence to wipe the slate clean, impart clarity and purification.

Angelica Essential oil for self-enquiry ,protection and connects to higher-self

sage leaves for purification

Ginseng for immune boosting , reduce stress and clear the mind.

Affirmation ‘I know’.

Take time out for a Ginseng Brew…

Ginseng tea is a wonderful tonic for the whole body, but particularly the mind. The herb boosts capillary circulation in brain and reduces stress effects.   Improves Mental Performance and Memory

Ginseng serves as a brain protector and booster. The herbal medicine can boost your mental performance and concentration ability. Since it is an antioxidant, the herb protects vulnerable brain cells from free radical damage. Moreover, it prevents memory loss and safeguards against mental decline related to age. There is a lot of research suggesting the benefits of ginseng for mood boosting, supporting ADHD issues and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, all without the come down that is associated with coffee drinkers

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Louise Allen