Rhythm of Beauty


Pomegranate Flower Essence

Pomegranate Flower Essence


The signature of this essence known as the fruit of the goddess ignites passion and creativity in life, but heals deep wounds around the need to be perfect, as a women.

This essence brings you back into your own power and reconnects you to your ëwholeí self, infusing more energy and joy as you juggle the many hats of being a women.

Brings balance to help you to not over give in life, and bring you into a state to receive more easily.

A supportive aid when feeling overwhelmed with life demands. nourishing and nurturing-helps to centre ones energy, restores wholeness and grounds scattered energy.

Recommended for Mums who have lost their ëidentityí, lack of self-love, lack of connection to oneís innate cycle, irregular periods, helps one ëripení through the menopause and for breast health.

Sold as 30ml
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